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I experienced many forms of fitness conditioning during my 20 years of   swimming training. Unfortunately during my international swimming career, it was a process of trial and error to find out which types of land training enhanced or complimented my performance.

I was fortunate for a short time to have expert guidance on hand with personal trainers which helped my fitness levels and performance but when I was unable to access or finance the expert instruction I became injured.

Overtraining of stronger muscle groups and muscle imbalances which caused the injuries , impacted greatly upon my training leading to poor performance at some major competitions.
The training demands in any sport require a high level of specific fitness and a training programme, that allows rest and recovery periods. This may incorporate other forms of training such as practicing skills or drills, specific strength and conditioning or a muscle balance workout such as Pilates  providing posture mobility ,flexibility stretching and core strength.

It is important for this extra sports conditioning training to be tailored to the sport and to not interfere with the main training regime and to be added into the training cycle to further enhance the overall conditioning of the individual or club members.

I will provide careful monitoring of technique during application of the exercises which may improve the athlete’s posture and coordination.
Training which is planned in macro, meso and micro training cycles allows for all the elements of training including  general aerobic conditioning, aerobic and  anaerobic endurance, ,vo2 max , race pace , speed (alatic creatine phosphate system) sharpening of skills, lactate production, lactate tolerance and lactate removal in preparation for competition performances.

If you are adding extra land training to an already intensive training programme, rest and recuperation will be important within the training cycle for muscle development and recovery.
My Swimming career has been positively enhanced through being coached by or working alongside Olympic coaches including, Barry Prime, Doug Campbell, Dave Heathcock, Bill Furniss , Bill Sweetenham and John Atkinson. I have attended coaching conferences and been able to talk with and gain knowledge from some of the leading coaches in the world.

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