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Motivational Mindset

Motivational Mindset

Kathy Swimming

If you are preparing for a challenge, a goal or feel your mind is distracted with negative thoughts and you need some motivational support then I can take you through the pathways of mental training that will give you the OLYMPIAN MINDSET and be able to achieve your goals with a positive and structured attitude. This philosophy can translate to your every- day life,   your business goals as well as sporting success.

It is not only Olympians that have goals and targets that require positive attitudes and a strong mental fortitude but there are times in our working lives where we feel we are not reaching are full potential or we find our everyday lives have become out of balance with too much of either work or family commitments to deal with and no time for us to recharge.

The mindset techniques that are employed by elite performers can be used by everyone. If you are training to compete in a sporting event, aiming to feel a sense of personal achievement in a business venture or to build up self worth, esteem and confidence then I can help you prepare to achieve these goals.
 We all have challenges, dreams and ambitions in our minds, but to translate this to an outcome, requires preparation, training, focus and the skills to build a structured plan.

I trained for many years without the support or cameradire of a team in the pool with me. This meant meticulous preparation both mentally and physically ensuring I had a pathway to assist me towards my goals and achieve them. Setbacks such as illness, injury and isolation from the team training environment (read more in About Kathy) can cause negative thought patterns and mental stress.

To maintain achievement within these circumstances requires a steely determination, single-mindedness and a positive attitude. This can be learned, but must be practiced consistently. Athletes use mindset techniques for mental toughness. They build a structured pathway to deal with extreme training or to prepare them for their races, ensuring that they bring into play all the mental coping strategies they have learned. These techniques can be easily taught and used by anyone at anytime or stage in their life.

Mindset techniques may be useful to employ when your life or career has suffered a setback and you need some positive engagement to calm a stressed mind or restrain negative thought patterns. It is also important to build a lifestyle that allows for balance of health wellness nutrition and positive thoughts. I will include some breathing and relaxation techniques to help calm you and place you in a positive frame of mind.

  • Mindset techniques
  • Lifestyle balance
  • Goal setting, planning, monitoring and re-evaluating
  • Visualisation techniques
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Coping strategies
  • Positive self belief and re-enforcement

As a triple British Olympic swimmer, a Commonwealth and European medallist I have the perfect skill set to help you develop all the structures and lessons that are required for you to attain your goals. I will guide you through these techniques with one to one consultations. You will then learn to use these techniques to enhance your lifestyle balance or  to help you attain your goals . I am available to help you TODAY with your next challenge so please contact me.



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