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About Pilates


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The demands and training levels that are placed on the body of an elite athlete to attain world class status are very extreme and are carefully planned with their personal coaches and with specific knowledge of their sport.
For a person who has no experience of an athlete’s regime, a fitness programme really needs to be tailored to their health status, age, current fitness levels, lifestyle, occupation and body type and with achievable goals that can be maintained for life.
I have always believed our bodies function as a whole being, physically, mentally and emotionally and there is a need in our busy lifestyles for us to not just train our muscles but to listen to our bodies and tune in to what they are really revealing to us on a daily basis.
We often isolate our problems and just treat the affected area, for e.g. a sore shoulder may receive some treatment when the problem becomes chronic. Perhaps the underlying cause is elsewhere in our body and with corrective strengthening exercises performed regularly this can alleviate the cause and enhance muscle balance to allow ease of movement in our daily activities.
Our needs in a fitness programme may change depending on our age, free time and how much stress either emotionally or physically we are coping with. This is where a gentle programme of therapeutic Pilates can really give your body and mind time to recover and then starting a more demanding level of exercise will mean the body is in a less stressed status.
I am constantly updating my knowledge and also thinking about ways of progressing my teaching to make Pilates more varied and progressive. I have taken much knowledge from the teachings of Pilates ,Feldenkrais, Gyrotonic, Functional fitness, Franklin method, Bodywork and blended a programme of my own style of teaching which thoroughly takes into consideration the individuals health status, body movement ability, emotional state, age and lifestyle.
This allows a deeper understanding for each person to gain the most benefit out of their workout. It is important that I have a period of time to get to know my clients and their initial movements and abilities and for them to understand my style of teaching. It is also essential to modify exercises to allow for any injuries, restrictions or conditions. Then as my client progresses, the motivation and goals may change. It is so important to encourage a greater range of movement and repertoire of exercise variations as my client becomes stronger and is able to practice his or her own personal exercises at home as well as attending the class.


Pilates is a total workout of mind and body. It can be a unique experience for every participant providing many benefits both mentally and physically. It teaches us the most essential elements of keeping our bodies healthy, which are breathing, strength, efficient movement and posture.
Pilates is designed so it caters for your own personal needs. Through practising Pilates on a regular basis you will start to listen and tune in to your own body's requirements on a daily basis. Pilates will focus your mind on the way you move and support your body in your daily life. With this awareness you will create a toned, supple figure, with natural grace and poise leading to resilience and greater efficiency of movement.


Joseph Pilates, who was born in 1880 in Germany, was an unhealthy child suffering with asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. He began bodybuilding as a young teenager to strengthen his weakened body and participated in diving, skiing, gymnastics and professional boxing. Joseph's development of the Pilates Mat work transpired whilst working as an intern in a British World War one camp, training camp members in his unique system of exercises. All these prisoners survived the flu epidemic of 1918 due to the strengthening effect of Joseph's workouts. Joseph moved to New York and opened his studio, mainly working closely with injured ballet dancers to rehabilitate and heal their injuries. Fortunately today, we can all have access to the Pilates technique with the mat work classes, which are suitable for all ages and abilities from beginner through to advanced level workouts.


Breathing Alignment Centring Concentration Co-ordination Flowing movement Precision Stamina

The Pilates principles form the initial learning of Pilates and are consciously practised throughout all workouts and are extremely important even today in the always evolving Pilates workouts.

It is important to master the breathing technique to be able to initiate the muscle control needed to create a strong core or centre. This breath control works in harmony with the concentration, co-ordination, alignment and precision of flowing movement leading to improved stamina.

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