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Lee Ocean has completed his challenge of five marathons in five days in March 2015. Read about his story here.

Lee Ocean has run his challenge of five Marathons in five days for the stillbirth charities Farnborough Sands andTommy’s, iit was a 130 mile journey beginning on Monday 2nd March and ending on Friday 6th March 2015. He has currently raised £3525 so far for the charities.

Lee completed his marathons each day as follows.....

 no.1 5hrs 8mins 

no.2 5hrs 48mins

no.3 5hrs 43mins

no.4 5hrs 34

no.5 6hrs 3mins

His routes he ran are on his charity page and can also be accessed on using ID : LEEO0723 it's free to use.

Lee trained extremely hard over the last six months running on his own around the Basingstoke area. Lee does not specifically come from a sporting background but has been in the army and knows what it fels like to have to continue and persevere under pressure.

He only had a small amount of running experience but only to the extent of running a 10k race and certainly has not run any marathons let alone five of them over five days!

I met Lee last year after seeing his challenge mentioned on Facebook. I had been involved in an event for the stillbirth charities ( Sands ) and felt that Lee had such a heartfelt story behind his challenge as he lost his daughter tracically to stillbirth. There are 17 babies dying per day or 6,500 per year from stillbirth or dying shortly after birth.

Lee has made a video to explain why he is running the challenge

I also was able to give Lee some advice to the nutrirional side and recovery aspects of his training but in the main Lee formulated his own training plan which impressed me greatly as again Lee isn't from a sporting or fitness background but he must have a strong instinct for planning achallenge! He also put in the hard winter training in the cold wet evenings.

Lee has posted and commented on facebook and twitter about his last six months training.He has had some setbacks as most of us find out planning /organising and then participating in a challenge particularly of this enormity isn't easy and things can go wrong!

He hasn't had any real backing of sponsorship and publicity, just as far as I'm aware friends and family supporting him! He has had to fund buying all his kit....running shoes ( a few pairs) heart rate monitor twice as one was left at his gym on the running machine he had used for three hours and not found when he came back from the toilet. He had to buy special high visibility nightime running kit and lamps after a near miss of tripping up in the dark, also extra nutritional food for energy. He also is now running with a strapped up knee due to a recent knee injury and has to pay for his treatment on it leading up to the challenge. Last but not least of course the organising of banners, kit and support cars for the actual challenge.


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