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New years health and fitness tips

31 December 2014 By In Blog

It's new years eve and I expect you are just putting the finishing touches to your party buffet or are busy getting showered and ready to go out for a midnight celebration! Have a fabulous time everyone..........

This may not be the exact time to start planning your fitness routine for tomorrow and beyond in 2015! Some of you may be super organised and already have your new year fitness regime ready to rock and roll, however for those of you that haven't even given it a thought yet, here are some suggestions as to how to begin planning a fitness regime in the new year! A routine that you are more likely to stay with into spring and the rest of your year.


1)You don't have to go crazy on january 1st making an extreme committment to exercise that by January the 30th you are not able to maintain. Plan a realistic regular routine that you can fit around your work and life without too much time spent training and recovering from the new regime. Choose an activity intially that is Aerobic in nature and you can start on your own such as Swimming, walking stretching and then also perhaps sign up for a Pilates or Yoga course.The benefits from starting with easier exercise is your body will be more adjusted to work harder in a few weeks after some adaptation to the intial exercises and then you can start to incorporate more faster stronger training into your already existing routine.You will find this is the habits of athletes when they train, they start with easier intensities and then build their training from an aerobic base so the body becomes more efficient at utilising the Aerobic energy systems and then you can add the high intensity afterwards. You will find this makes the exercise more enjoyable and easier to sustain.

 2) Ask a friend who is also looking to start a fitness regime or attend a club to make your exercise more sociable . Another added benefit will be when you don't feel like going out on a cold dark evening you may have more motivation to be with the others in the club. You could also sign up for a block of lessons again which gives added commitment.

3) Have an alternate activity that you like to participate in from your chosen one as you can use this as a back-up activity if you were unable to make your regular fitness class/workout. This is also useful for when you feel you are not getting as much out of the workout as you wish, you may choose to go out for a run instead of circuits or a swim instead of bodypump. This keeps the exercise routine in place but also can add other qualities to how the muscles react to a different workout. Again athletes will vary their training to add different benefits to the body's adaptations to training.

4)Your mind's health is just as important as your body's so give yourself some quality me-time away from everything (work/family/friends). Again as with the fitness routine this needs to also be planned to be a regular activity in your lifestyle. Take yourself away from your home or workplace for 20-30 mins to somewhere that you can just sit and rest your thoughts. It takes practice to calm our mind. Turn off your phone and if possible just try to listen to the sounds around you without too many other thoughts flooding your mind. Do not start panicking about things you should be doing or have to do later or this will defeat the purpose of relaxing your mind. Read a fictional book if you struggle to calm your mind. New research in the journal 'Brain Connectivity' shows that reading fiction creates new neural connections. The same happens when an athlete uses visulisations of performances to calm the mind and to prepare to win a competition.

5)The smallest habits can make a difference to piling on the pounds in the new year. When you are eating out with friends, if it is possible have a look at the menu online before you go to eat particularly when you are not hungry and then you are less likely to make impulsive choices when you are ravenous at the restaurant. If its a buffet meal it may be worth having a look at whats there before you tuck in and pile up the plate with calorific food and sauces. Research has shown that 'slim -diners' scout out their food before eating to stop unwanted calories and unhealthy food choices.

6) Finally as it's New years eve but also to think of for 2015, if you are partial to drinking wine studies have shown that 9% less wine was poured and therefore drunk when choosing a Bordeaux or Pinot Noir as you can see how much red wine is in the glass more clearly.

Whatever you choose for your New year fitness and health routine, go and have fun with it and look back later knowing that you kept the motivation and your body has become fitter stronger and happier !!

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