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12 March 2014 In Blog

Meaning- a strong physical desire to satisfy a bodily need (e.g. for food)

Appetite is controlled by the hypothalamus in the brain. Signals from the brain make you want to eat, especially if your store of energy is running low. When you have eaten enough, signals are sent to the brain for you to stop eating anymore. Appetite is influenced not only by the quantity of food but the type eaten. Fatty food can give us a comforting feeling but it does not make us feel full so we can feel hungry quite soon after. Carbohydrate and protein are much stronger appetite suppressants than fats. We must eat to live but when our eating habits become inconsistent and there is a desire for junk food this can not only cause weight gain but also health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Other factors that can contribute to overeating are emotions. They can cause us to eat when we are bored, unhappy or stressed and this is not necessarily meaning the body is hungry but that it needs comfort. It is also possible if you have cravings that you suffer from blood sugar imbalance or even a food allergy, which is worth checking.

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